Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Days at RMSI

The first day of school was quite overwhelming with all of the new names and immersion into a classroom full of 4 year old kiddos who do not speak English well. By Friday, the kids warmed up to me and have been trying very hard to speak to me in English! I have also picked up quite a bit of Spanish myself :). The school here is very different from Kentucky. The biggest difference for me is the lunch/coffee break! Altogether I have 3 hours during each school day to eat lunch and have coffee. During these times I usually go to a nearby cafe or shop. My cooperating teaching, Mayi, has been very welcoming and helpful!

The beginning...

We arrived in Barcelona around 6:30 am on Tuesday, April 9. I felt excited, curious, nervous, and most of all... tired! After meeting my host dad at the school, he took me "home" to show me my room. I took a short power nap and got ready to head back to RMSI for orientation. My home here in Barcelona is about a 30 minute walk from RMSI. If I choose to take the metro, travel time is about 25-30 minutes, but there is less walking involved:)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Time for a quote..

The world is a book,
and those who do not travel
only read one page.

-St. Augustine